Movember Day Five

Movember Day Five

Movember update.

If you want to get involved and heighten awareness you can join our team The_Fighting_Cock and visit our 'My mo space page'.

We'll be updating the page and the thread over at The Fighting Cock forum with weekly photos and updates on the growth and styling of our majestic moustaches.

To donate or join the team, click on the link and ‘donate to my team’ or ‘join team’. Rejoice the 30 day journey of moustachery.


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Movember, Day Five.

With as much movement as a disinterested Defoe and Pavlyuchenko, there appears to be nothing of moustachery quality on my face just yet. The Mo stubble is still 4 days ahead (I promise) of the rest of the facial hair. Should be able to shave in the next day to allow for more obvious mo-defination. In the mean time, check out those nostrils!


Check out the thread over at The Fighting Cock forum for other participant photos and updates.

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