JD talks Spurs

Fighting Cock message board member 'boxbat' was present at the Q&A Fans Forum with Defoe firing back the answers to questions posed. Below are some of the stand out quotes. Nothing ground-breaking really other than the fact the player is focused on CL qualification rather than winning domestic cups. In your face silverware.

So I was lucky enough to go to the Fans Forum with JD at the Lane last night. He was on good form, answering questions on a variety of topics. I put the question to him about whether he would prefer to win the FA Cup and Europa League or qualify for the Champions League again, and he didn't hesitate much in choosing the latter. So there you go, I guess that's the modern footballer's mindset these days.

A few other things from off the top of my head:

- Modric called the strikers 'greedy' in training after Ade and JD each failed to pass against Newcastle; JD says he felt he had a good chance of scoring and was going to shoot, that's just the way he is.
- JD claimed he doesn't feel any joy over Rooney's England ban - reckons it shouldn't need to take something like that for him to force himself into the team.
- Everyone laughs at Pav's dress sense.
- JD is most impressed with Tom Carroll out of the youngsters
- JD thinks Modric is our most irreplaceable player
- Bassong is an attention seeker, Sandro hugs everyone when he comes into training
- Niko is the most frequent supplier of nutmegs
- JD reckons he's sharper over 10 yards than Bale, also says he's fitter than he's ever been
- JD has been offering a bit of advice to Coulibaly, namely, not to rush his shots when through on goal
- Adebayor 'hates' a***nal

...and quite a bit more besides, but there's a taster.



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