International break killed the Tottenham blogger

International break is the bane of blogging. I usually take the opportunity to write without the anchored constraints of what is expected during a busy build up to a Spurs match. But alas, could not even inspire myself to muster up something (anything) to drown out the snoring that accompanies another England match. The North London derby seems a world away now, so far in fact, I almost expect to trip over a Betamax copy of the 2-1 win whilst searching for the remote control. Has anything of note happened in the past week?

Paul Gascoigne opened his heart for the Guardian. Harry Redknapp cited Cahill and how we are still interested in signing him. Some no mark made a joke about Spurs playing like girls. What like Arsenal's silverware hauling ladies team? I don't get the joke. But I do get that his team choke more often than a casting couch starlet. No laughing matter on the pitch, no laughing matter off it, it seems for anyone in red and white these days.

So to answer my own question, no. Not a lot has happened in the past week. I'd recommend that Gazza interview. I idolised Gascoigne back in the day, even when he wore the black and white of the Toon. They don't quite make them like that these days. Robust, cheeky and brilliant. Mackayesque (with smiles) no head screwed on with an additional destructive personality. The lack of head being screwed on and his personal issues his downfall off the pitch and arguably on it, although injury plight punctured his form. He still entertained, he still carved out moments of sheer magic. Clown prince of football he was called once upon a time back when it was pranks aplenty in amongst the powerful driving genius of his play. Tragedy aside, he's the type of player that would rekindle my love for internationals. Instead we have Theo and Jack. Sad face. I love you Paul and I miss your ilk.

As for England (might as well), we drew 2-2 and we qualified and I still don't seem to give a **** about it. Rooney gets sent off and there's discussion on how we plan to cope with his suspension. Does it matter if he plays or not? We never seem to do well either way. This disenchantment I have for the national side, I wish I hadn't. Maybe when the old guard are finally gone I can push on rediscovering my love for the Three Lions. Then again, if Redknapp takes over...well, that wouldn't be too bad. If anything, just to see how the media treat him in comparison to his red carpet VIP currently. Elsewhere, Bale scored for Wales and Rafa played 78 minutes for the Netherlands. The latter a minor miracle.

At least now we can start looking forward to Newcastle away. We never seem to get much up there. We seem to get bossed and for a long time it was a guaranteed defeat in the league. Okay, so they're in form and unbeaten but perhaps punching above their weight akin? Pound for pound, we should be able to contain them and beat them. Should. Sandro and Parker in the middle, Modric free to dink and dictate...we need to be looking at the three points. More on that later in the week when it's clearer who will be available for selection.

In the mean time, check out The Fighting Cock website and register for the forum. If you've not heard the podcast before, then listen to episode 11 for some NLD glory. We're not recording this week. Blame international break.