The Battle for Stratford

I've shared this on Twitter and Facebook, so only fair I post the link here too. A pragmatic argument for the move to Stratford over at the blog Wisdom for Sport.

Read it here.

The article covers the following talking points:

Athletics Legacy
The Northumberland Park Project
David Lammy
What is modern football?
The Media

The pro-N17 supporters will obviously be focused on the 'modern football' question which is where the basis and answer for not wanting to move away sits quite comfortably. Although the article linked takes a different view point on it all.

All in the name of debate.


Also, if you're unware, tomorrow before the game, protest against the move to Stratford outside the Bell and Hare, from 1pm onwards.


Be sure to visit We are N17 for your anti-Stratford fix and latest news. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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And as an alternative form of petition against moving out of North London and into East and follow: FC Hotspur of Tottenham.