Things I missed out on this past Sunday

Cracking debut from Andros Townsend. Confident, quick, tricky, jet heeled, right foot, left foot, controlled passing, chips, a goal. Okay so it was against Charlton in the FA Cup and we've been here before with impressive first games from yoof players. Feet firmly on ground then, but dare to whisper it - we might have something here. Much like Kyle Walker, a loan to another Prem side might aid with development and let us know how he would shape up against better quality opposition, week in week out. Steven Caulker (who continues to impress out on loan) makes it a trio of tenacity in terms of hope for the future.

Not a lot from Palacios and Sandro other than Wilson struggling to assert himself onto the game because it just wasn't that type of game for a player of his ilk (tackle this tackle that) and the Brazilian is still bedding himself into life in England, strong and hard working, no glitz or glam.

Defoe being given the freedom of the park.

Modric, the Croatian Xavi, doing his usual effortless swashing around. Untouchable and sublime in movement and passing. Changed the game from a nothingness first half to a comfortable three to nil second. But then from the sounds of it, his inclusion was much required as you're unlikely to get anything in the way of creativity from a centre pairing consisting of two DM's.

So players rested and players that played sort of tested. Still no spark from disillusioned Niko? No surprise, what with him being disillusioned. Fulham away in the next round. Will probably need to play a stronger more balanced side there.

In other news. Beckham is signing. Might stay on permanently. Then Beckham isn't signing. Then he's just training with us for a month - official. Then the deal might be back on for the loan. Then not. It's to do with insurance. Then it's not because of insurance. Then it's back on. Or not? Make up your own headline. You probably won't be too far wrong. Could have done without the constant sound biting commentary from Harry. It's bad enough listening to all the nonsense from the ITK community let alone having our own gaffer give us information that he then contradicts be proclaiming he doesn't actually know what's happening. Down boy down.

If he does just train with us and nothing more, then I guess the advantage is there's no chance of impacting team selection in a negative way (not that he would if he was given permission to play) and we simply reap the benefits of having him on the training pitch, piggybacking Azza around.

Not too shabby for a weekend, where most of us probably sort of switched off and rested a little before we start to focus on Manchester United at the Lane.

Howard Webb anyone?