Shock, horror, footballers sleep around a lot

You might have seen this, or you might not of, either way, click here to read an article by Rohan Ricketts on 'The Truth about Sex and Footballers'.

Rohan is now a blogger. He never had time for the ladies when he was playing in the Prem because he spent far too much time....ah f**k it. Let's not even go there.

To be honest, the article doesn't say much in the way of anything. Is it meant to be sympathetic towards footballers? Oh look, poor sods with their millions and their flash motors and easy women. They just can't say no, can they? How could they? It's far too difficult.

No sh*t.

They are lads. With money. If you were a lad with money and not a footballer, you'd probably splash your cash through women in the same way. They have it even easier because they are famous and can just basically turn up at any given club and pull just by being there.

The real question here should be: Why the f**k do their wives/girlfriends stick by them (most of the time)? I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. Just don't share your answer with any of the WAGs because they won't want to hear the far more humiliating truth.