Group hug

Dry your eyes lads. At least we have a cup final to look forward to this Saturday.

As for tonight, I made it clear I didn't care for pre-match selection and if that meant making 10 changes to the side to protect other priorities, regardless, I would not be using that as an excuse post-final whistle. Unlike say our neighbours always manage to do. I wanted 110%. Sadly the side could only give about 60%. The reality is you don't win anything with a patched up team that hand out gifts to an opposition that will be nothing less than clinical in acceptance.

Too much belly-button fluff from us. And their belly-button fluff congealed far better than ours.

The less said about the defending the better. Harry probably got what he wanted. No more Carling Cup games to interfere with the schedule. I feel all dirty for saying that. Sell-out. Cue various shrug type sound-bites from Harry and the Sunday Supplement crew positively creaming their pants. Heads up and just avoid the rags. You'll work your way through it, no problem.

At least Sandro looked decent.

Lesson to be learnt? In future, regardless of what else is going on around us in terms of competitions, never...never ever play a weakened side against the enemy. Yes, the EPL is more important. Yes we do not want players picking up needless injuries...but this is the NLD. Reserve game or otherwise. It's a crock to lose it.

COYS. Onwards.