Transfer deadline flatlines for the ITK's

Not a good transfer window for the ITK community. Scoring a weak (but average) 2.7/10 for perception skills and actual credible inside information revealed - only commenting on transfer rumours after they broke into the wild. Personal favourite was the bloke who claimed that he couldn't get on-line to tell everyone about the VdV deal before the story broke on SSN. And we were also treated to the classic 'it's going to happen but it might not' explanation. Covering all corners there. Loving how they roll.

Solid stuff. Heads up chaps. Not long now till January.


Posted on GG, ten minutes before the official announcement of VdV was made via the Spurs website. I was ten minutes out. They posted it earlier than I expected. ITK, yeah?

Before this blog post gets copied and pasted/linked (infidel!) and people claim I'm biting the hand that feeds me, I'm just jesting. Actually, no I'm not. There are people privy to info. And they share their information with some. And it's without excess and ambiguity. Few and far between, is this rare ilk of ITK. If someone truly knows something, they probably wouldn't share it until they knew it was okay to do so without harming their source or the deal itself. We all know how quickly the vultures of the media latch onto these things.

I'm sighing in the direction of the other lot. The ones who lust for attention and adoration. Who won't shut up and seem to be connected with absolutely every single potential possible transfer, incoming and outgoing and also it would seem to be completely in tune with the clubs policy on signing players and the club (and chairman's) ideology.


Talking of which, hey, look, it's that video about ITK's and I'm re-posting it again because I'm desperate for attention and adoration.


(love letters and wet panties acceptable)

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