Are we there yet?

Had you asked most THFC fanatics yesterday, what would be their ideal draw for the qualifying game required to pass through in order to gain access to the Champions League proper, they (much like Jermain Defoe) would have chosen Arsenal. Unfortunately thanks to them ducking out of the challenge (a technicality apparently) they were not a viable and realistic option. Pesky UEFA rules, it's a conspiracy I tells ya.

Instead, we faced the potential for some fairly tricky opposition. And got the supposed weakest of the lot. Not to say we should be dismissing the Young Boys Bern. But I can't help feeling content we are not travelling to Kiev or facing Sampdoria. Although I'm not going to jig until we bring back our Swiss opposition to WHL with a couple of away goals in tow (do they still play on astroturf?). It's the choice draw. Tottenham pull Young Boys apart. And so forth.

So, what do I know about them? Not a lot, other than the fact their stadium is in Wankdorf. Oh the hilarity that will no doubt be had with that one also. They finished second in the Swiss Super League last season and they caused a ickle upset by defeating Fenerbache in the 3rd qualifying round (winning 1-0 in Turkey). At the time of writing they have two points from three games in their domestic league. Not quite Ramosesque there. No doubt being tagged the underdogs will inspire them. Whether that's actually going to be enough for them, is more to our advantage.

Honestly, quality wise, I don’t know if they are capable of finding a different level and causing us grief. I know I don't know that much about them but I know enough to know that they are clearly not on the level of one or two other clubs who might have had us nervously biting our nails.

The way I see it is, if we freeze and go out to this lot, then I'll be standing outside the West Stand entrance with a basket of rotten fruit. All season long. A good, solid professional performance, and we'll be looking forward to some majestic travelling across Europe with some dream ties (hopefully). Barca away anyone?

Anyways, thanks to UEFA and the warm balls for the decent draw. Over to you Harry and co.


Memo to Spurs players. Be confident, be proud of your confidence. But talk on the pitch, not off it. Ta.


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