The jerking of the knee

I'm not saying don't be critical or angry or upset. It's your (our) right to ask questions and feel aggrieved. You should do. So should the players, and the more it hurts - more so now than similar results from last season - the better. Positive from a negative. No point in wallowing in self-pity. Use it to fuel correction and thus redemption.

We can't afford to be making the same mistakes, the exact same mistakes, at this point in our progression. It's frustrating because its unnecessary. But this loss, the first in eighteen at home, with the last defeat coming against Wolves, illustrates that we can count the bad days on one hand. And of course, it also highlights the fact that both of these losses were hardly expected and should really be unavoidable based on the quality we posses. Complacency is the enemy within.



How many times did we question Harry and the team last season? And how emphatic was the reply?

There's not that much more we need to do to get it right. And that's probably why we feel sick for losing all three points in the manner we have. This isn't the 1990's where defeats like this came about every other week.

Keep the faith.