Gallas, again

I'll get straight to the point (rather than cryptically dance around it to incite discussion).

Spurs fans are split down the middle on this one. You've got half of us saying he's a bad apple and the rest believing that he's exactly what we need (as far as his player qualities are concerned). But then there's debate about just how good he actually is and how far experience can carry him. Also spoken to some gooners today (who hasn't), who are in complete disagreement with the 'he's poison' line and others who suggest he will be rosey for the honeymoon period, then turn into an utter **** and end up isolating himself from the rest of the squad because of his demands and his conquering personality and lust for authority and control.

Wenger talking him up I see today also, not that I believe what he has to say without some scepticism, but he reckons Gallas alleged negative attitude is exaggerated.

Then I remember how he said he'd score an own goal for Chelsea to get away from the club and shrug despondently.

If we get Gallas the leader, barking orders and displaying composure at the back and intent going forward - then we'll be applauding the master-stroke of a free transfer. He will bring vast experience, a winning mentality, a **** mentality which we lack in abundance and the type of assurance at the back we need to allow us to sleep better at night (Dawson by the way, isn't suddenly shit because of one lacklustre England performance and his slow-mo no-go movements away to Young Boys - but there is that scratching of the head and chin when debating whether Daws only works best with a King by his side. I'm just not happy at this juncture to write off his form from last year as some type of fluke).

If we get some of the more repugnant traces of his (Gallas) personality, I hope poison is easier to rid from our system than a dodgy lasagne was.

Gallas is paradoxical. You can see that with the way we all appear to be in disagreement with each other.

So - there's only one thing to do. Back him in Lilywhite.

Until of course, it (if it) goes to shit. Then some of the vocal ones amongst you can say 'I told you so'.