Spurs v Man City: Class Wars

Another week, another video with teddy bears with distorted Stephen Hawkingesque American sounding accents. Because it's the type of thing we associate best with.

Third in the series this. It's a bit like Return of the Jedi. I guess this one lacks the dark side of the ITK video (Empire) and the charm of the Jenas video (New Hope). The protagonists might look like Ewoks in drag, but just count yourself lucky there's no Jar Jar Binks. 

The discussion this time round? Football, obviously, sort of. Spurs and Man City. Indirectly. It's subtle. Bull in china shop subtle. It's either going to be genius or it's going to f*cking suck. I'd say 'enjoy', but you'll probably boo and hiss at the end of it, leaving me feeling like Billy Walsh at Cannes when Medellín premièred.


I promise the next batch of vids will be 'non-directors cut length' which should appease the masses with short attention spans who wish to waste their bandwidth elsewhere. I'd say three minutes at best. That's a minute longer than most of you would last with that 800 Euro hooker Crouchie bagged. Boom boom etc etc. Honestly, no need to get my coat, I'm wearing it.