Robert David Keane

What's the 'deal' here? No possibility of a loan according to Harry, seems to suggest that he's staying and if Keane isn't happy (i.e. on the bench, not playing well) the club will review the situation but will only sell him to get some of the money back that was spunked when he made his limpish return from Anfield.

So, I'm going to hazard a guess that this is our way of telling everyone, forget about a loan - cough up the dosh if you want him and do it quickly. Celtic obviously can't quite afford to bid and would prefer to take the piss with another short-term agreement - which would see us lose a hefty slice off a potential transfer fee, with Keane notching up another year on his life and thus being worth even less next season. Not sure what our value for the player is exactly, but it's doubtful its even half of what we paid Liverpool for (although technically speaking Liverpool hadn't finished paying us for Robbie when we sold him to them). But money is money, and £8M (he's gotta be worth that at least, no?) can't be flushed away. £10M fee is probably what Levy has tagged him with.

In all the threads in all the forums, no conceptual line-up (for the new season) posted ever has the name of Robbie Keane in the Spurs starting line-up. You'll find the name of Forlan or some other mouth-watering prospective signing, but no Keane. In the heart and minds of ye olde Spurs faithful, he's absent. Gone. He's not even an option. dos Santos is more of an option. Even Adel gets a mention now and again. And let's not forget Gudjohnsen. Someone who would most definitely be involved if he returns full time to us.

Are we fickle beasts who find it easier to forget than to forgive?

Keane was only on loan for last season, so he was always going to return to WHL, but there was a feeling his move to Scotland was a means to an end. A shop window, a way out. A compromise everyone was content with. Robbie might have previously stated he's a Tottenham player (something to do perhaps with us finishing 4th, and CL within reach), but I can't help thinking this former great (check his stats for us if you disagree) is now a spent force in Lilywhite. Tainted by his misguided boyhood club 'mare under Rafa, which ended in tears and embarrassment.

Could he recapture his best form if we showed some faith in him? Scoring goals for Celtic is no way of knowing for sure. And would he be happy to be involved in squad rotation? Cast your minds back, he wasn't last time he had to sit on the bench - but times, they have changed. Maybe Keane has had an awakening. He could also just be going through the motions.

I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one. But can't ignore the ever so subtle hints Spurs want rid. If he was part of our plans, Harry would come out and say it, unequivocally. Which he doesn't do.