Cole conundrum

Joe Cole. Let's be logical with this. Aside from the fact he's had a knock or too and has not figured too much (for club and country) if signed - where would he play and at the cost of what current Spurs midfielder? If Harry decides to mix it up and say, play one upfront, we'll left with another conundrum - what the heck do we do with the remaining strikers - taking into consideration that we are meant to be looking at another forward?

The obvious answer/solution would be simply this: squad rotation. No matter the formation, we're going to have injuries we're going to have priorities, so having a strong midfield would only benefit us - on all four fronts. But would that keep all our players happy and more importantly, would tinkering mess with form of both individuals and the team? Chop change isn't exactly the building block of consistency.

I'm not a manager, Harry is, and I'm sure we wouldn't want to spend a shed load on wages for a player who will not be key. I'm uncertain. Cole is without doubt quality on his day. But considering the midfield players who have, I'd hate to see the likes of Huddlestone stagnate. So, if signed how does it effect the dynamics of our midfield.

IMO, let it change if it benefits evolution. Otherwise, like for like, tinker with minimal effect depending on opposition/injuries. In other words, if Cole wants to be a team player rather than a constant first teamer - then I'm happy to see him sign. Of course, there might be a clue in what Harry stated about Bale in his interview with TalkSport, regarding Bales best/future position being left-back. That would mean Cole on the left-wing and the rest of the mid remaining as is (Wilson/Hudd, Modric, Lennon) leaving us with the likes of Niko as an alternative option.

Obviously, balance is vital - so there's need for some experimentation if this signing does occur. Although we do know Cole can track back (although I doubt Harry would have him doing so to the degree Jose did at Chelsea).

There's a fair bit of debating on the matter going on at the moment. Even Arsenal fans (who are heavily linked with Cole) are questioning how and where he would fit into their side.

So - if it happens and we do sign him; happy days?