Gaffer on Talksport

Not a big fan of knee-jerk station TalkSport, but can't go ignoring it when our gaffer is on it. I've been on a two-day no interweb sabbatical (new world record) so in case you've missed it (which I doubt, considering how sound-bite heavy it is), here's Harry on the Drivetime show, 2nd July:

Part I
Part II

He talks about England, Fabio and the (lack of) attitude from the England players along with touching on Tottenham. Summary below.


'Too open for how we wanted to play with the way we lined-up, didn't get hold of the ball' - Harry saw us being far too naive and from the body language of the players, they felt uncomfortable and the suggestion (not original) was they were unhappy with it. Been here before, haven't we? Harry says he spoke to some of the players, so a bit of confirmation there.

He also talks about Fabio and uses Ramos as an example of the struggle that befalls some managers when failing to communicate to their players.


Harry slates the kids. A generalisation obviously, but he believes that the modern day young footballer is given the worlds riches before they've actually achieved something tangible, and thus do not bother grafting as hard because of it.

Joe Cole

Off the back of the yoof thing, he uses Cole as an example as someone with the right attitude to better himself when he was a young lad aiming for greater things. Any chance of him coming to Spurs? Good chance according to Harry, but he downplays it a little saying it wont be easy - but does say he has spoken to Cole and gives away a bit (IMO) stating that Joe would want to play more often than not and that his best position is in the middle of the park (possible promises made to the player perhaps?).


Talks about how some yoof players are best left out on loan gaining experience rather disappearing in the reserves - the suggestion re: Bostock is that the player probably should have remained at Palace for a little bit longer. Still has a future though, but I'm unsure of it myself. Mainly because Harry isn't too convincing with it.

dos Santos

Talking of yoof, you'll have heard this sound-bite already, re: dos Santos: If he could pass a nightclub as good as he could pass a ball he'd be alright. LOL indeed, a tag associated with one or two players in the past and is the perfect description for the little Mexican who apparently spends his weekends in Barca partying and calling in sick on a Monday morning. Mum and dad dos Santos visited Harry last year and apologised for their sons lack of commitment and application. Apparently he does have a future at the club if 'he gets his nut down'. Really down to the player with this one. If he can be bothered to turn up then it will be like signing a new up and coming player (again) rather than another show-pony (Adel - anyone? Actually, can I get me some confirmation on Adel - is he back training with Spurs at the Lodge on Monday?)


I'm talking Aaron Lennon and that Cuban cigar. Interesting this one, because if you listen to Harry's reaction there is a pause before he answers it. Is this because he was genuinely surprised to hear it? Harry 'I work for The Sun' Redknapp, unaware of the various tabloid front-pages covering the story? Hmm. Okay. After the pause he states 'I swear I never saw that picture, I couldn't imagine him smoking a cigar, I mean my God, it was probably bigger than him, was it?' - textbook classic 'arry in full flow. He does add 'He'll lose his speed' and 'What's he smoking cigars for after losing in the WC' - so I'm expecting Azza to get a bollocking when he returns from his summer hols in Havana.

Collymore Asks

Stan asked Harry on whether we have the quality to challenge on all fronts. Simple reply, we want to bring in one or two and possibly sell one or two. Which is not really saying much at all, because we are bound to sign some players and sell some players. He (Harry) does however mention Uruguay and in particular Forlan - so either there is genuine interest or its simply mis-direction (based on what the press have been printing and allowing everyone to believe the player is a target).

Man City

'Are you worried?' - the question posed. More and more difficult to be in the top 4, replies Harry. Diplomatic answer, no doubt building it up once more to be mission impossible so the pressure is on others rather than us. And then says it's going to be more open in 2011, which it probably will much like the season past.


Woody is back in the country and Spurs will monitor him. He's not going to be back in training just yet, but the suggestion here is if there's no progress, Woody might have just the one option; retirement. Harry doesn't actually use the R word but it's easy to read between the lines. Fingers crossed for Woodgate. Class player, we'd do good to have him back in the fold.


Made a massive difference to us last season, but Harry believes his best position will eventually be left-back, allowing for him to run rampant up and down the left-side. Bit like Ashley Cole I guess, but this will depend on the development of his defensive duties/positioning. At the minute I prefer him on the left-wing with BAE left-back. Playe your best players in their best positions.


Harry then goes onto mention that legend Steve Perryman is in hospital after an operation, and wishes him well - which we all do. One of the finest ever servants of THFC is Steve. Hope it's nothing too serious and he's back home soon.

Harry also predicts Argentina to beat the Germans. Oops.