Who the hell does Joe Cole think he is?

Who the hell does Joe Cole think he is? Not only has he rejected his father figure and original mentor (Harry) and a chance to remain within the pinnacle of civilisation (London, obviously) with a critical role in a side that has qualified for the Champions League qualifiers, he's chosen instead a mid-table club on the slide, living off the past, where he will earn untold thousands per week to prance about in front of held-up scarfs and humourous red banners. Gutless for him to select guaranteed first team football at a smaller club than fighting for his place and overcoming squad rotation at the superior one.

What a mercenary, selecting the option of more money and a far more comfortable ride. These modern day players with their agents and their long term contracts and lack of ambition. Obviously knows he has little self-confidence, hunger and focus for the Champions League and prefers the less pressurised arena of the Europa League.

Cole obviously harbours dreams of dicking us (and his family of Spurs supporting fanatics) in said competition when we crash out of the CL and face the might of Anfield. Marquee signing for Liverpool. Torres, Mascherano or Gerrard and Cole...fourmid(t)able.

But don't fret, we have goal-keeping cover with Pletikosa on its way.

Dark days for THFC. We are down to the bare bones now with only Modric, Bale and Kranjcar vying for the left hand midfield position. We might even have to experiment again with Lennon there.

RIP, The dream is over.

Let's all pray we succeed in signing Craig Bellamy. I can't be having two knock-backs in the space of a week.

All this is allegedly:

Arsenal offered 80k - 2 year deal.
Spurs offered 65k - 3 year deal.
West Ham offered 100k per week - 3 year deal.
Liverpool signed him on 90k - 4 year deal.

Although there is a whisper that the Liverpool deal Cole accepted was 110k per week and £8M signing on fee.



First Duff, then Petrov...heads will roll at Spurs HQ. Never rated Cole anyways. One trick pony.








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