Understanding Harry

I do love Harry.

    "I am not being presumptuous turning down Liverpool, because I haven’t been offered the job and haven’t spoken to anyone about it.

    There is no need, as I have one year left on my contract at Tottenham and I am not thinking about anything other than being at White Hart Lane next season.

    I can tell you that I have not been offered a new contract, but that doesn’t mean I am looking to move on – far from it.

    I am loyal to Spurs, I want to stay at Spurs and I have a contract with Spurs, and I’d be happy to sign a new contract at Spurs if I was offered one, but in any case I have one year on my contract"

Subtlety is not his strong point.

contract - 5 mentions
one year left - 2 mentions
Spurs - 4 mentions in one sentence
whereabouts next season - 2

The "Liverpool interested in Harry", story breaks. No word from our gaffer for days, thus building up a little bit of uncertainty from the more paranoid ones amongst us. Rumour festers in the psyche of a certain bald chairman and then Harry strikes, verbally, forcefully, denouncing the Anfield club by repetitively re-educating us on his current predicament. You know, the one about him being one year off from the abyss of uncertainty. I wonder what point he's trying to drum home?

Back in logicworld, Liverpool would never look his way (I don't mean that in a derogatory way, Liverpool's expectations of a manager are of a certain template - foreign and crazy). And geographically, the only chance they would have if they were genuinely favouring our 'arry would be if they upped and moved to the South Coast, and trebled his wages in the process. Back to basics worked for us because we were never a bottom of the table club, just one with an inflated ego that forgot how to stand up and fight. He fixed it up. Restored pride and belief. Considering the plight of Liverpool, they need to suffer a little more indignity before they admit they need to re-think things (starting with new owners and possibly a replacement for Gerrard, if he grows balls and moves on).

For now, we can relax, we won't be seeing Redknapp's face printed on a massive banner alongside Shankly and Paisley with additional witty words beaming below with the Kop singing 'You'll never twitch alone...'

Considering we are two games away from the CL group stages, the only thing on our gaffers mind at the minute is to consolidate his worth with an improved contract/extension for his diligent work. He just needs to calm it down a tad.

I'm sure the next Tottenham good-feel story is not that far off from making the news...