In the wake of the rather disgraceful photo of Ledley King and Ashley Cole (Laughgate) walking off a jet 'aving it, laughing, waving a massive banner stating 'who gives a shit, we're rich' and flashing their willies, someone has managed to grab and share a photo captured by King (he's blatantly the ring-leader in this, compensating for only having one knee I reckon) in the Hotel Marang in Rustenberg (photo snapped on his Blackberry, leaked thanks to a function that allows selected friends to share photos) of the England players sitting around, lounging, smiling and laughing (they sicken me with their constant Jokeresque grinning) along with Aaron Lennon puffing on a big fat cigar. Presumably because he's now free to return home to oversee the sale of his mansion. The mansion that you and I have paid for. To which he has shown his gratitude by aiding England's World Cup to go up in smoke. Keep on puffing on that cigar Azza. Which by the way, was lit. The cigar. Not just sitting perched in his mouth for show. The cigar was in full working order, unlike England's formation. Who the heck has ever heard of someone smoking a lit cigar? Who the hell does think he is? Smoking, a lit cigar, in a hotel? Aaron Che Guevara Lennon? And if that wasn't enough, their mentalist party also included beer, beer and ice buckets for more beer, champagne and wine. Hedonism at it's very worst. See how the table is untidy, no regard for the maids that. It's what money does to you. That's the level of respect they have for the little people.

The photo was tagged by the hapless King with the title 'Home time then holiday time'. Because the photo was taken before they left South Africa, to return to England, to then leave again no doubt for more sun and probably more kicks of a beachball than they've had of a football in the past couple of weeks. Surely the title 'Larding it up with the England massive, off our tits' would have been far more suitable commentary. Who the f*ck do they think they are anyway? Two summer holidays in one working year? WTF? Hapless indeed. I mean who sends a picture message these days and doesn't expect a dishonest friend to forward it onto the paragons of justice, the national tabloids? One knee. And half a brain. Guilty as charged.

Football is in ruins. I have never witnessed such debauchery in the wake of defeat when the expectancy was for us to win the whole damn thing. The players should have sat reflecting on their early exit, had tea and fizzy drinks, wore black suits, and quietly prayed for forgiveness.

I blame Fabio. This wouldn't have happened had he taken the job.