Yet another Jimmy Greaves Q&A

Jimmy Greaves, quizzed by Dear Mr Levy.

Well actually, not quite. I was unable to travel into London and speak face to face with the great man this past Thursday. He was in Leicester Square for the Burger King Whopper Legend promotion, so thanks to Jack Clothier for the one-to-one facetime and the unexpected (and much appreciated) video footage.

The Whopper Legend promotion by the way will see the winner watch the WC final with three mates and Jimmy Greaves. So get whopping.

Back to the interview, a couple of answers you might not like, but then it's Greaves and the last thing he's going to do is appease for the sake of it. Don't get too upset. And no, I didn't ask him whether he preferred Aaron or Theo, because everyone knows Theo is shit. And I'll hazard a guess that he isn't a fan of James Corden either. Just a hunch.

I should add, the questions are not exactly ground-breaking, and that's my fault for thinking that because I wasn't actually present to speak to Jimmy that time would be of an essence and the Q's would not actually be asked. Grateful to Jack for the effort and for Jimmy's honesty and charm. For a far more in-depth interview, check this out over at Spurs Odyssey and this interview at Tottenham on my Mind.


Spurs or Chelsea?
King or Campbell?
Park Lane or Paxton?
Levy or Sugar?