No Theo? That's fab

You must know deep down something is wrong somewhere when the media lead with the story (genuine shock it would seem) that Theo Walcott has not been included in Fabio's 23.  Surprise omission they called it. We then had to endure various ex-players tell us how for example Theo deserved to go to SA (Really? Based on what? That hat-trick 2 years ago?) and other gems like Kenny Samson explaining he was pleased for the young lad Warnock. That's 28 years young Stephen - three years older than the unlucky (and better) Baines. And Heskey has been included because he's a battering ram. And we all know that if want to win the WC you need a battering ram upfront as a Plan B, to you know, work your way through the best defences in world football when Plan A comes unstuck. Although I won't joke too much here because we lack world class players in forward positions. Rooney being the only one. Would be a bit scary if he got injured in the first group game.

But hey, it's all about opinions. And the persistence on Walcott and the apparent shock must be all part of the pantomime, because anyone following football would point out what is already quite obvious to all. He's not been that good for a while.

I know I'm in broken record mode with this, and I'm not screaming 'I told you so' standing on a soap box pumping my chest out, because everybody knew this already. Well, apart from Walcott himself who is apparently very disappointed. And the people who seem to take to all this shock horror he's not going to SA BS. I'd say he would have been as lucky as he was 4 years ago to have made it in this time round. At least the BBC (news at ten) had a more realistic report on all this citing his inconsistent form. I guess all this hype was created the day David Dein had words with Sven. They created a monster, which has since nested under the bed.

So minutes silence then for the broken hearted and the delusional.

Moving on. Congrats to JD, Crouchie, The King and Azza.

Elsewhere, no room for Tommy or Daws. Experience being the reason at a guess, as Dawson has been superb this season and is arguably a better player on current form than Upson - but Upson has been there before (England setup and selection) and as discussed earlier in the week, some risks - it would seem - are far too big to take. Same with Hudd. Although has Carrick performed better than him this season? Oh yeah right, soz, that's not relevant, it's all about experience. If you want to validate it all, I guess you could say you wouldn't want a newbie ballsing it up and as our mentality (the English) is one that perhaps lacks the natural confidence and bravado to select a 'youngster' and throw them in at the deep end, maybe we should trust Fabio with his final selection. We took a 17 year old to the WC four years ago and never used him. This time round, no wildcards.

So, Heskey WC final brace anyone?