The things we said...

Gomes is a liability, no better than Paul Robinson

That boy Huddlestone is too fat and slow to be effective in central mid

Time for King to hang up his boots, he's spent. We can't accommodate him when he hardly ever plays

BAE is rubbish

Lennon has no end product. Can't cross, can't score

I'll be happy with 6th spot. Or 7th. Does 7th get us into Europe?

Modric is too small and light-weight for the EPL. He can't handle it

Sell Dawson back to Forest. He's Championship quality at best

Harry doesn't have it in him to take us to the next level

What is the point of Gareth Bale?

I saw Spooky outside White Hart Lane throwing frozen shit pellets at the Spurs shop

We're gonna get relegated