Superfan - comp winner

The winner of this here book competition for The Amazing life of Morris Keston goes to lilywhite73 for this wonderful winning anecdote.

I used to work at the old training ground in mill hill, I was 16. One day I was told (by Chris Houghton I think) that there was a phone call for me and that I could take it in the managers office, as I walked in there was Terry Venables, Doug Livermore, Ray Clemence and the rest of the management team all chatting away. Obviously I felt out of place and extremley apologetic for not only getting a call at work, but also having to bother the management in the process. Anyway, I picked up the phone ( on Terry's desk!) and this guy on the line started to tell me how he'd see me about, and how he'd like to meet up. I was mortified! I was in a room with footballing greats and some bloke I'd never met was trying to chat me up!! Being quite a shy bloke back then, and seeing who was in the room, I was trying my best to get this guy off the phone without giving away the gist of the conversation to everyone else. Then I happened to glance over at Terry and I saw something, a cheeky glint if you will, in his eyes. Then it clicked. It was one of those voice activated phone jokes! The fuckers were winding me up!! Terry knew i'd susssed it and he pissed himself, big time, so did everyone else. By this time I was bright red, but smiling. I politely told them all they were bastards and they could now fuck right off, which only made them laugh more. that was a great day!

May 2, 2010 at 7:29 PM | lilywhite73


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