By A. Gooner. The Daily Stank - 4th May 2010
Tottenham Hotspur fans around the country were today left 'reeling' after astonishing pictures emerged of Icelandic loan striker Eidur Gudjohnsen celebrating Chelsea's win against Liverpool with Frank Lampard and other Blues stars.

The images, absolutely certain to anger boss Harry Redknapp, show the former Chelsea player taking part in a number of damning activities including:

  • Talking to Chelsea players in the bar
  • Smiling as they recounted old title winning times together
  • Guzzling a glass of Diet Coke with lemon
  • Scoffing expensive bar snacks

One on-looker said, "I was just sitting in the bar innocently calling Frank Lampard a fat **** when I saw Eidur join the party. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him with former friends congratulating them on their victory. These Premier League footballers really have no sense of shame. I took a picture on my phone to show my wife after she came out of the toilets with John Terry."
At one stage the party got rowdy as the players started playing their favourite drinking game: "Guess the former Chelsea player" where each person takes it in turn to do an impression of one of their old team mates. Eidur's skit of notorious coke fiend Mark Bosnich (pictured) was particularly popular.
Rabbi David Schmutter, chairman of the Tottenham Hotspur Popular Front said, "Oi vay! Why is he spending time with Chelsea players when he could be hanging out with fun-loving Spurs players like Benoit Assou-Ekotto."
The story is nailed-on-I-kid-thee-not bound to disrupt Spurs' preparations ahead of their massive game on Wednesday night against Manchester Arab Emirates.

(At least we hope it will)


by guest-blogger Fox Mulder.