6 year contract. Daniel Levy does it again. And if we (THFC) manage to fudge it all up, if someone decided to pluck him away, the club would have to be heavily compensated in the way of a beefed up transfer fee. As long as the lickle man is on fire. But that's just negative talk.

We should be rejoicing in the fact that he has stated his loyalty, in both words and signature. Unlike say the ilk of a Berbatov, who only really used as a springboard to prove to Sir Alex that he was worthy of a OT move. The clue is in the quote "Yes, there have been enquiries from other big clubs, but I have no interest in going anywhere". He's Spurs. And why should he show interest in going anywhere else considering the season we've had? Footballing principles seem to be of a loyal nature with this one. And I guess he can take the risk (if that's what you want to call it) of remaining at the Lane.

Moddle is still only 24 years old. So I'm expecting him to step it up a level next season. And don't doubt for a second he won't. Add a few more goals in there and we'll have as good a player as we could wish for dinking in from the left or crafting from the centre. Obviously, if he does set the world on fire, we might lose him regardless of seasoned CL football. Modern players are ambitious and always look for the next high when one has been completed. Let's not kid ourselves, we can't hang onto everyone. But how good does it feel that for once, players in Lilywhite want to remain in Lilywhite because they believe? Makes a change, eh?

For now, we have shown intent to take 2011 by the scruffs. And that's all that should matter - to the fans, the club and the player(s). No point second guessing 2012.

First major signing of the summer, and no doubt will prove to be the best.