Casual musings for a Friday afternoon, as I guess most of you are out of the office already, and down the pub downing a few, in what looks to be another decent start to the weekend. I'm stuck indoors, with the newborn, not yet had the chance to review the days headlines (or lack of) and what players (other than Richards) we're being linked with. Although I'm keeping a curious eye on City and their targets, and whether players from the continent, who play seasoned CL football, take a plunge - for the project and not for the money - and sign for the Eastland's outfit. Six/seven forwards on their books, hoping none of their rejects make their way to the Lane.

Back to the casual chit-chat. Earliest memories of supporting Spurs? Mine, are:

1980, Ipswich at home. I think John Wark scored a penalty at both ends, we lost 2-0. Upper east stand towards the Paxton End, and I remember an Ipswich fan sitting next to me with his dad. I was a wee kid, obviously. Might have been my first game actually, and I'm fairly certain I feel asleep for a period of time just after the second half. Boring boring Spurs.

1980, running outside into the back garden to re-enact Brookings goal for West Ham v Arsenal, moments after it was scored. Picture-perfect memory. Wasn't too fussed about the Hammers, but seemed to have a natural instinct to enjoy the misery inflicted on the red scum.

1981 Cup Final. Both games. I remember these vividly, including the interview Keith gave re: Villa and his performance, and the conundrum over whether he would play in the replay. Like it was yesterday.

1982 Milk Cup final. Not sure this was on tv, remember listening to it on the radio with my uncle.

Showing my age no doubt.