Let's welcome back the black and white

Some of you might remember this ickle article here entitled 'Let's Relegate Newcastle'. It was more of an anti-Alan Shearer on Match of the Day piece, more so than anything genuinely vindictive against the club, bar some banter and digs. However, I have to now admit it was mis-guided, mainly because even though they were relegated to the Championship, Alan still reprised his responsibilities on the BBC flagship football program, as smug as ever, even with the blight of seeing his side go down having failed to save them in the nine games he allowed himself to manage.

But it's all ended on a good note. Chris Hughton has guided them back up at the first attempt. I can also watch MotD having channelled all anger and disdain for Shearer towards Lawrenson and Hansen (the true evil on our television) and Newcastle away is (for those who travel) a rather superb trip. Up in the Gods or 90 minutes, and then usually up some Georide lass panties at the end of the night. All at the cheap cost of just three points. Lovely.

So, I'd like to say Hola and welcome back to the Premier League, Newcastle United.

'Let's Relegate West Ham' anyone? Ah, only joking. That would be 6 easy points lost next season.