Glory under the floodlights...

Every game now is pretty much a heart-in-your-mouth nerve disintegrating half-epic that involves plenty of watching through hands, wishing the 90 minutes evaporate into 90 seconds whenever we take the lead. That's if this end of season run-in is making you weak at the knees every time we play. The vast majority, I hope, will be enjoying it for what it is. Us pushing for it, on two fronts. So if we're going to go down in a blaze of glory or limp out of either challenge before us we may as well do so singing, arms in the air, fingers dancing.

If there's one competition that is Tottenham Hotspur in it's purist essence it's the FA Cup. It's testament to how much football has changed and how different it was back in the days of short shorts and rolled down socks when you can still see Ricky Villa twisting and turning City inside out. Cup final songs, classic never to be forgotten Wembley finals and replays. Flair players, all writing themselves into the history books and our hearts forever. And it saddens me it's almost been 20 years since we last graced a proper final and had our ribbons dressed up on the Cup.

So, Fulham at home in the replay. Won't be easy. This close to a semi-final, this game tonight should stand alone. It's the present. What I mean is, this has to be treated as the most important game of our season. We are too close to treat this game with even an ounce of disrespect or casualness. And 1991 is now just a memory on a VHS tape. But boy, what a memory! And what a Cup run that was. Back to the here and now, it's time for a new page to be written up. I want a DVD at the end of the season.

But tonight, I will make do with just high octane swashbuckling football. A pulsating North London night where everything just clicks together. The reality of it might be slightly more jagged. Fulham are no push overs. Just as that Old Lady they mugged the other night.

Probably no major unexpected changes to the team that played Stoke City - apart from Gudjohnsen starting up front with Crouch (who just has to score soon, right?) and Wilson Palacios back in central midfield (Kaboul is cup tied - with much thanks). Wilson might pick up a yellow tonight - something that some will be wishing for so he returns in time for the big big April games. Hoping the Iceman can continue his sparklingly intelligent play under the floodlights. You have to say, footballing brains are all the rage at Spurs at the minute; Gud, Luka, Niko. It's mouth-watering and add to it the power of the beast (Bale) and I'm pretty much gushing a waterfall. I'll be drowning in my own excitement if we had Lennon back. Soon, soon.

Fulham have one or two selection concerns so you have to say on paper we are...actually, there's no need to say that out loud.

Confidence. Belief. On and off the pitch. That's all that matters. Make them worry about us, and not be worried about them.

Sing up, sing up.