Really Mad is our Wilson

Palacios to Madrid? It's an exclusive apparently, with The Sun running the story that Wilson would one day like to play for Real Madrid. And one day I'd like to return to the white island, Ibiza, and dance my arse off on the terrace at Space (although ideally would prefer to be part of the chemical casualty mess that is/was DC10). But that's not going to happen because DC10 has shut-down thanks to the corrupt police force and government. But that doesn't mean I won't return to Ibiza. I'm sure I will. Just wont be able to go exactly where I want because the choice won't be available to me. Much like Wilson probably won't join Madrid, but might end up at another club that plays CL consistently.

Look, let's be honest here. If he rediscovers the form he had prior to the death of his brother, someone bigger will attempt to pluck him from our grasp. It always happens. It's big fish eat little fish. On current form, and believe me he is imperative to our backbone, he's Premier League class, international class but not world class. Not to say Madrid don't sign their fair share of not-great players, but at the moment we can sleep peacefully about it. He won't  be moving on anytime soon.

He's ambitious. He obviously has much self-belief and it's a shame not all our players think the same way because then the collective eagerness to be better might pull the whole club forwards. And if we move forwards, enough to finish 4th, then Wilson wouldn't have to move.

The Sun have lifted the quotes from this interview here.

And in fact (thanks to a part translation from Cule-Spur), Wilson actually states the following:

"I'll keep working hard so that I'll soon have the possibility of playing for a bigger club."

Which is probably more worrying (if you're that way inclined) than the quote from the tabloid that reads as follows:

"I am really happy at Tottenham but I will continue working for a future move to a bigger club"

If anyone can translate the interview in full, please do. Other bits translated - from Cule-Spur - include Wilson talking about the anger he felt after his performance against Arsenal earlier in the season. He states he would love to play for Real Madrid (no shocker) and before you crucify the guy, he does say that he's never thought about playing for a bigger English club because he's very happy at Spurs.

Obviously, without question, if any player at the club no longer wants to be at the club, then show them the door. If the time comes, then take the pin and move it slowly towards the effigy. It does make me shake my head though how footballers don't stop to think how their comments might be perceived and latched onto and then possibly have their quotes distorted (not that they have in this case) and cause an ever so slight air of despondency. All quite unnecessary really.

Wilson - you play for Spurs. Talk up Spurs.

But regardless of all this non-eventfulness, sing up for The Panther and the team. Don't let the bed-bugs bite. This will be forgotten about tomorrow.