It's only the FA Cup


I've been swamped, hence the lack of anything blog related today. Not even had time to browse through the various forums and news sites to see what's occurring. In fact, all I know as of 2pm today is:

- Celtic lost 1-0 last night. Keane managed to aim all his shots at the opposing keeper.
- A Crystal Palace right-back who hasn't scored since 2008 notched a 'perfect' hat-trick in the space of 7 minutes (left foot, right foot, header), knocking Wolves out (Palace fan sits behind me in the office).
- We've apparently got some kids on the bench tonight for the trip to deepest Yorkshire.

Ryan Fredericks, Harry Kane and Dean Parrett being the kids (last I heard - anyone care to confirm otherwise?). Regardless of the inexperience that may or may not be sitting and watching, the team that will be selected best wipe the floor with the League One opposition. The very same League One opposition who stole the show at WHL.

Yes, yes, we could do without this game in our push for 4th (push? - more like sleep walk at the minute) and we can do without picking up any more injuries, considering that we're already without Azza and BAE. So all eyes on Modric, Defoe and Palacios. And Dawson. And probably Bale too. And let's not forget Niko. Cannot afford even the slightest knock. At least Kaboul and Eidur are available for the Villa  4th Place-Shoot Off. Seriously, I've just had to accept Kaboul as our big name Jan signing, so I'm now looking forward to his wonderfully plucked eyebrows. Seriously, just stare at them. Do so long enough and you'll find yourself in a daze. Sultry.

But anyways, my point is, it's the FA Cup, we didn't do ourselves justice in the first game and considering everyone is expecting Beckford to destroy us tonight (just you listen to the ITV commentary and make a note of how many times they mention the 1-0 win at OT and 'marching on together') we need to go there and turn the game into an anti-FA Cup magic display of complete professionalism from us. 3-0, kill it off. No heroics. No penalty shout outs. Bolton for the winner, and then its all within touching distance.

It's time not to choke but to punch out and give it some. I hope Harry motivates the players pre-match rather than down play it all as an inconvenience.

The future is white, the future is Lilywhite.

Think we can muster that?

Of course not.

Get your excuses ready for tomorrow.