Sticky toffee not enough to mess up Spurs

We never win the easy way. If the average Spurs fan doesn't lose a few months off their life expectancy after every game, then that's not the Tottenham way. I'm due to die the middle of next week.

I'm ecstatic we won. I'm ecstatic we held on to win. First half we were rampant going forward. Sexy football? Yes, but not of the love-making type. We're talking lights on and frantic rogering. We ruined Everton at times.

Pav scored his 5th in three games, Huddlestone releasing Defoe who shot towards goal (wasn't quite on target) but as the ball cut across, Roman was there to slam it home. Our second was majestic. Made in Croatia, the passing in the build up was patient and slick. The finish a corker, right-footed over Howard and onto the underside of the bar and in.

Easy street. Dominant. Modic an absolute delight, every box ticked. Pav in the side allows for that free-flowing football to creep out from the shadows of starting with Crouch and having us hoof rather than force players to move and create space as much as possible.

Easy street. You'd think. Right?

Er, well no. This is Tottenham remember. Clues to an uneasy second half was Gomes hovering his finger over the self-destruct button. Flapping and missing the ball on a couple of occasions and then trying to, well I don't know what he was trying to do when Everton scored. Not that I blame Gomes for the second half drop in tempo.

Huddlestone going off rocked us. Kaboul is not, I repeat NOT a central midfielder who can create in the manner that Tommy can. Not sure what type of midfielder he is. Well, he's not a midfielder, is he? But losing big Tom to an ankle injury is not reason enough for blame.

Blame that pesky Moyes and his half-time team talk. Must have spat some fiery words to inspire a supposed jet-lagged Everton side to rediscover some of that Mersyside stubbornness and pull themselves back into the game.

Aided by Gomes trying to reach around (ooh) to punch the ball and then what looked like the bundle of the ball (and keeper) leading to the first goal conceded in the last 10 hours of White Hart Lane football. Need to catch MotD2 to see how bad it was. But no matter, because people will long remember Landon Donovan's expertly placed effort the wrong side of the post when it was easier to tap it in for 2-2. The ripples of the side-netting have never looked so good.

Last 10 minutes were the usual textbook hearts in mouth experience copyrighted by THFC. With additional 6 minutes of injury time to further prolong the agony. Had an effort or two ourselves as the game died out and I guess some form of karma or balance or luck saw the game end with us taking all three precious points.

Hard way is the Spurs way.

Moddle and Bale were outstanding. Huddlestone's injury has yet to be confirmed with regards to the amount of games he'll possibly miss. Do we have any CM's left? Flux capacitor required, January transfer window the destination. Also hearing Bentley has a groin injury. And with Azza out, things will get harder and harder as the season edges towards its conclusion.

Still 4th. Still hanging on in there. Credit where it's due though. We ain't letting go.