Let's bolt-on Pav for another goal-fest


I'm completely devoid of any creative juice currently. It's a lull so do not fret. This is what happens when you spend most days shopping for Tommee Tippee and deciding whether you should opt for Bugaboo or Maxi Cosi. Football becomes a fantasy world you escape to when hiding under tables from your heavily pregnant partner, who has became a Huddlestonesque figure consuming all before her (mostly chocolate). Thankfully she's about as slow as big Tom so the threat is minimal. Although she's got more bite then Jenas so she could potentially do a job in our midfield. Then again, the fluff in my belly-button could potentially do a job in our midfield as an alternative to Jenas.

This is not to say I'm about to disappear under an avalanche of nappies and baby milk. I blog therefore I am. Still playing around with the idea of having some guest writers on here for the days spent hallucinating due to extreme tiredness, although on such days I could potentially do a job in our midfield as an alternative...

But, as I said, this is just a lull. One that will no doubt be forgotten about after this evening when Super Pav notches a hat-trick (one with his left, one with his right, one with his head) and runs across to the bench to celebrate, sliding on knees and twitching in front of Harry who later explains in the post match interview that this was the plan all along, to hold back the Russian until the run-in and release him into the wild to do much destruction and damage in the way of casual clinical finishes as we go on full attack for both 4th spot and the Cup. A sort of 4th place in the league Cup double. There's a DVD in there somewhere I'm certain of it.

Tonight is vital IMO. And I doubt you'll disagree. I want an FA Cup final. It's been too long. One game at a time, mind. So Bolton have to be brushed aside with a bit of that olde swagger. It's not something to be ignored or fudged up by perhaps shifting players out of the side and doing a spot of tinkering with selection. I want to see our strongest side this evening, do a job and do it well. And then more of the same against Everton on Saturday. However I don't expect the side to be as strong as it will be when facing Moyes side. As long as the backbone retains its shape I'll be happy enough. Every game is a cup final from here on in. Get your suits measured.

Enjoy the match.