Swagger, let's be 'aving you...

Away to Bolton in the Cup. And a couple of main ingredients I'm looking for today is fluidity and some self-respect. Shocking display at Wolves. It's in the past, nothing we can do about it now. Other than use it as a springboard for improvement. Modric and Wilson to start thank you very much. As a unit we need to be a 1000 times more focused and apply the right tempo to the game rather than just ghost through 90 minutes with no direction or intent.

4th is the priority we keep hearing. That's fine, but if you're still in the FA Cup, then on the day the tie being played is the priority. Wembley is within sight, if not quite within touching distance. It's only 90 minutes of football and in those 90 minutes the opportunity to boost confidence and form is one that can not be pushed aside because of other aspirations. Especially aspirations that are currently clogged in the great drain of hope, clinging on for dear life, avoiding the finality of being washed away.

So on the subject of ingredients, there is a third that remains missing in action. One that we are desperate for and one that has been synonymous with Tottenham and the FA Cup in years gone past.


Shirts pulled out, socks rolled down Lilywhite swagger and pomp. And with swagger comes cutting edge. Christ, we have the players to do it. We've seen them do it. But there's been a lack of evidence in recent games and rather shirts pulled out and socks rolled down, too many of our players have just skipped the casual look and gone straight for the pyjamas, sleeping through games. Wolves away the sum of all the parts we've witnessed recently as we continue to fall off the pace.

Time to wake up. No better place to display rejuvenation and redemption than live on tv in the 5th round of the FA Cup.

Step, step up...