Deadline Transfer Day Special

Sang to the melody of My Way (original lyrics by Paul Anka and sang by the legend that is Frank Sinatra). You'll have to do with your own voice in this instance as Ol' Blue Eyes is otherwise engaged.

In celebration of transfer deadline day. Its been a quiet under-stated January. There's not that much to sing about.

And now the end is near
And so we face the final ticker
Sky Sports will say it's clear
They'll state he's signed to which they're certain

But no, he never signed
They made it up it's jack-a-nory
And more, much more than this
Sky Sports News is just pony

Keano, he's had a few
Not least Liverpool, but let's not mention
He did what he had to do
And we saw him flop with out-right distinction

He went to his boyhood club
Rafa showed no love he was no Stevie Heighway

He's ruined, much more than that
He's gone to Celtic

Yes there were times, I'm sure you read
When the ITK community bit off more than they fed
He's on his way, oh no he's not,
He's having a medical, or perhaps he's not
And they all made it per usual

I've sighed, I've cried and cried
I've cried my fill, it's like Chimbonda
And now as tears fail to subside
I don’t find it at all convincing

To think we wanted more
And may I say a f*cking lot more
But no, oh no, my God
We've re-signed Younes Kaboul...

For what is a Spurs fan what has he got
If not a DVD then he has not
To see Sandro or Ruud Van Nist
And not some ex-Chelsea from the French Riv
The official website shows the tabloids blow
In the Knows are just pony...

Yes, In the Knows are just pony…


Happy Deadline Transfer Day people. Enjoy your evening. Don't stay up too late.