Heads up, released on December 16th, The Branco Heist release their debut single 'Ghost'. Thunderous drums, rumbling bassline, howling guitar riff and a searing vocal thrown in there for kicks producing a rather energetic homage to the late great John White, Spurs and Scotland legend.

Track blurb (from bass player Al McHardy who penned the lyrics): "This isn't a track about football, but more about a unique tragedy of someone who was cut down in their prime, and there's something very simple for anyone to take from that".

Band blurb: Stan (guitar), Ross (drums) and Al (bass) formed The Branco Heist in London, taking their name from a monkey who lives at the city’s world-famous zoo, and have certainly done it the D.I.Y. way so far. After building a fearsome live reputation and a burgeoning fanbase slogging around venues across the UK, they set up their own label, Pride&Joy records, and released a limited edition EP last year, which promptly sold out in weeks.

Video blurb: Without a budget for a video to ‘Ghost’, they pitched ideas to hundreds of video production companies, and found an unlikely ally in Hollywood behemoth director Ridley Scott, whose video production house admired their pluck and offered to direct and produce the haunting video in support of their vision. The spooking result is a lo-fi ghost story shot with night vision cameras in pitch-black.

(vid hits a brick wall half way through...damn you youtube, click here for the full vid)