"Spurs play primitive football and are extremely naive"

We beat Liverpool 2-1, cue 40+ page thread over at Man City forum Bluemoon about Spurs. Started off innocently enough with one of the locals suggesting Spurs are a better team. Which arguably we've proven to be. Perhaps that will change in the course of this season. We'll have to wait and see. The whole billionaire playboy buys a football club scenario is obviously not the same thing as spending untold millions within your own means. Although both methods can be open to criticism - especially if there is a distinct lack of silverware in the trophy cabinet or no tangible progression.

Not to suggest there is anything wrong with supporting your club no matter the transfer philosophy. And if you happen to see a consortium or the uber-rich take over, you're going to be happy. However, grace and class is hardly something you can pay for. And success is never deserved, it's earned.

Because of the manner of their rags to riches story and their massively over paid 'superstar' signings they (granted it's a fraction of their support that frequent Bluemoon so I'm not tainting all City fans with this paintbrush of ridiculousness) seem to think its a given this will equate to success because how dare success not become them if they've spent millions in such a short space of time with the main objective to dominate. There's a couple of them that have been posting on the forum for several years. You'd think they'd appreciate their humble beginnings and respect their competition and have patience in terms of what goes into the fundamental building blocks of success and a winning mentality. But alas no.

Welcome to Madchester. We spent a few hundred million so book that open bus parade.

That's the problem with this type of 'project'. The expectancy is that glory must be a given. It only worked at Chelsea because of one special reason. And arguably Chelsea were already knocking on the door of the United and Arsenal party.

That's my opinion. Bluemoon's opinion of Tottenham?

"They are on steroids. EPL is a joke if they dont do better doping tests"

"Spurs play primitive football and are extremely naive"

"We are leagues ahead of them, they have a couple of players and a lot of luck. They have no depth and should we want to we could buy ANY of their players to weaken them"

The above are some of the more level-headed statements made. Apparently Lennon only scored the winner in the 93rd minute because he had help, possibly from a doctor who gave him magic energy juice, because its nigh impossible to believe he's an athlete and capable of a burst and run onto goal late on. Hate to think how much of the stuff Tevez is drinking. Perhaps Ricky Villa was on the juice too back in 1981.

Would like to think not all City fans are this backwards. Anyone? Answers on a postcard. Granted in my time I was deluded enough to think Johnnie Jackson was a decent player and Adel Taarabt would be the new Glenn Hoddle. But some of the quoted statements sound like it's come from Davspurs demented northern cousin.

I know, I know, why should we even bother with it. It's a minority, much like any forum or blog following. It's a bunch of people sharing their opinions. And yes, we too have similar ilks of nutters on various message boards preaching in the fickle art of knee-jerk. But I hardly think any of them would venture into this David Lynchesque delusional madness.

Throw enough **** at the wall and some of it will stick. City will get there in the end. But it's hardly endearing. This template has worked before although one or two have hardly managed to sustain it. Someone pointed out how Liverpool - one of the richest clubs in the world in terms of history - have struggled to take hold of the domestic bread and butter like they did in the 70's and 80's. Their cycle might have ended but they've endeavoured. It's naive to think anyone can become someone just because of their fat wallet.

Welcome to Fadchester.

Cheeky bid for Walter Mitty any day now.