Let's be 'aving some of that Glory Glory

Three key elements for tonight's game.

1) Forget about Saturday

2) Don't get complacent

3) Do not under estimate the opposition

Stick all of the above together with some glue made up from a paste of swagger and belief.

A win would see us qualify. Imagine that, through the group stages at the first time of asking in our début season. Fully deserved that would be too what with our refreshing approach, whether it's dismantling the opposition or giving them a head start - we've left our mark all over the competition. The scratches made hardly the ones of cowboys. These Spurs are real.

Bremen are struggling, which is why it's key to be focused completely on treating the opposition with a degree of respect and not allowing them take a cheap early lead which could easily allow their confidence to breed. Their league form might be woeful as of late (6-0, 4-0 defeats), but I still say - be cautious. Sometimes an escape from domestic hell can be the perfect remedy for a home headache.

Having said all that, I don't want to be over-bearing with the negativity (thinking the worst). I'm just weary that there is a twist and turn wherever Tottenham ply their trade. Not too much respect then.

Opening 20 minutes will tell us how we should compete in the remaining 70. I might have it all wrong, the Germans might be as bad as their bread and butter results which means we could well be in for a party as we march onwards. Let's just wait for the invite to be handed out before we pop the streamers.

One party that will no doubt start before the kick-off is in the stands. The atmosphere will be electric, he said. Yes it will, they replied. Another Glory Glory night within our grasp, the home support will still be buzzing from the dicking handed out to them lot down the road. That should aid with the expectancy on the players shoulders, who should not be weighed down with pressure. This position we are in, it's a good one and should be enjoyed.

We're a decent side, more than decent, who have already displayed the balls and guile to be rewarded with a potential knock-out gem of a tie in the next round. Let's prove how deserving we are. And Harry along with the leadership and tenacity of our unofficial captain of galvanisation (van der Vaart) are taking us forward with the rest of a rather sparkling supporting cast. No knees are trembly here.

The attitude has to be right from the off. Whether we fight it out or brush them aside, this is another potential history-making night. You can't help but feel giddy with excitement. One player to keep an eye on is Jermaine Defoe who has told us countless times how the hairs on the back of his neck would stand when listening to the CL music whilst watching it at home. That was when Spurs were dreaming about playing at this level. We now are and JD gets his chance to shine in the group stage.

Fingers crossed Bale and the Raf are available to start. Another Interesque performance in terms of application and focus will have me queuing up at the Spurs Shop for the dvd 'Group A' highlights package post-final whistle.

We want 90 minutes, not a cameo of 45.

So, no after the Lord Mayors Show reverse hang-over from Prem to Europe please Tottenham.

To dare is to f*cking do.