Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day plucked out of Glory Glory.co.uk from this forum thread about Harry Redknapp talking out about the farce at OT and being threatened with an FA slap of the wrist for his ranting. With thanks to Danners 9 for the wise words.

One of the big issues after a game is dragging a player or manager in front of the camera to ask retarded questions, then being able to fine them if they speak out of turn, but making the referees untouchable.

Why should a manager or player be asked an emotive question after a controversial event and let the one who made the decision get away without the same questioning?

It should be a transparent sport, there shouldn't be the opportunity to cover up mistakes. The same scrutiny process should apply throughout

Unfortunately transparency is about as likely as Rio Ferdinand tweeting in Queens English.

And onwards we go.