Comedy gold

Catching up with yesterdays news. What is it with the three stooges over in East London? Their mouths permanently open. Don't they know only Harry has the copyright for that?

“Is it a ludicrous idea? It sounds like it to me. They have just got planning permission to build a new stadium. So what are they going to do, have one stadium for when it’s sunny and another for when it’s raining?” - Gold

No you moron. It's called having options, the type you are required to have by default when dealing with the matter of redevelopment and the future of a football club. What exactly is our chairman meant to do in this scenario? Not submit an application for the Olympic stadium meaning it would be impossible to have ever applied for it after the deadline had passed? What if Boris says no to the N17 plan? We'd be left scratching our heads.

Nah guv, it aint on is it? Nah, that pesky greedy Levy and his bang out of orderness of fulfilling his duty as club chairman to do everything in his power to have all corners covered, because that makes perfect and quite obvious business sense. Soz about the no text message to Kazza to let her know. Daniel has one less friend on Facebook now.

But don't fret Gold, Boris will say yes to the Northumberland project and you'll have Stratford and East London to yourselves to downsize the stadium to a modest size to make sure you're not left with empty seats and plenty of unsold tickets.

I still think, mixed in with the business thinking, part of this is a Levy ploy to make sure Boris rubber stamps it. Even in a worst case scenario, East London is not for me.