Would you take him back? Discussed at length here. He looks to be another player who's head isn't quite right at the moment. Was meant to be the next Cantona at United. At least that's how some billed him. Instead, he is the epitome of apologeticist football (I've copyrighted that one). Seems to have lost the swagger. Still shows signs of quality, yet it's all very much understated. Sometimes, these types of players should be give the freedom of expression rather than instructed to play with a different type of work ethic. Which is why he was probably better off at Spurs. Perhaps because he's been forced into 'defending' and working for the team on a completely different level to how it played out at the Lane where he was king-pin.

The smile in this photograph is a representation of a smile created in photoshop for creative effect

Utd did sell Veron within a couple of seasons having signed him for a small fortune. Doubt very much we'd ever be interested in bringing him back, but it makes for good banter/opinion.

Considering we have Modric and Niko and Lennon, adding another forward in the mould of a Berbatov would have us pushing forwards faster than a locomotive been shagged from behind by a Euro-Star.

Obviously, there's endless connotations here. Would Berba awaken a comatose Keane? Would he be able to work with Defoe? Who knows. We won't be finding out. He made his choice. Not looking the right one at the moment. Unless his understated performances masks his overall work rate and assists.

I do miss the old Berba.