Back to business

Morning. Another small club that has a habit of sometimes punching above their weight (as we found out when they famously beat us 1-0 at WHL). I'ts Hull at home.

There is no need for deep analytical discourse on who should play and how best we break them down. It's Hull. And we need to do one thing. Remember what Stoke and Wolves achieved in our back garden? Complete avoidance of anything similar is the order of the day.

Hopefully those complacent, rusty and somewhat wasteful in front of goal efforts are a thing of the past now that the second half of the season is upon us. The players have to be professional and prove they want it and show belief. I guess that's what makes the best in the country the best. The teams that constantly believe and play to the required standard.

Three massive points IMO today. Mainly because losing these types of games at this juncture in the season WILL be costly. Liverpool away is a similar game re: under-performing when considered to be favourites - with 3 of their best players (their only decent ones you might argue) out injured. But more on that early next week.

All eyes on Harry I'm sure, with how he handles the occasion with that slight distraction of a certain court case on the horizon.

For now, it's all about the footie. No mistakes or over-sights permitted.