Club or country? Spurs or England?

Do you care much about the English national team? I'm sure most of you do, but in comparison to supporting Spurs week in week out, do you get as emotionally involved? What's more important? Club or country?

Yeah, I know. You've never heard that question asked before have you? In fact, it's probably best to ignore the question because most would side with their club, because it's the bread and butter of the game.

Club football is massive, but the pressures and expectations of major tournaments still has me nervous, gutted and joyful - pretty much like watching Tottenham.

Obviously, every Spurs game matters far more than the odd qualifying match or friendly. But when we're involved in a World Cup, it's unquestionably important and equally devastating when we are traditionally knocked out by the Q-F's. It just is. Much like any Spurs game just is.

It's a bit like the cricket. Biting nails during The Ashes, not that fussed with the one-day internationals. England games deep into a championship get the hairs on the back of my neck all stand-upish but otherwise, I don't care too much as long as the team play well.

Some might argue this is just a jingoistic reaction on my part, getting carried away with the over-hype of the press and Union Jack flag waving that sweeps across the nation when England Expects. Making England a part-time bonus to club football rather than the be all and end all of supporting. Although I can clearly remember how sick I've felt when the dream is ended in the latter stages of any give World Cup. You can't fake that type of depression.

I won't ask that clichéd question (oh) about whether you would choose to see Spurs win the title or England win the World Cup. Or whether you just watch England and hope the Spurs representatives do well. Or perhaps hope they sit firmly on the bench and don't get to play, avoiding the potential for injury.

I guess, for me, club football is more important because its your identity as a supporter. England, (even if it can be a circus some of the time, not too dis-similar to Spurs I guess) is just as important from an emotional viewpoint. But only at certain moments. Mainly because its more condensed and all hopes fall upon a summer month every other year.

If you check out the link included in this blog post above, you'll find that most of the Spurs fans in the message board thread are not actually choosing between club and country. They don't appear to care that much, if at all, about the national side. It's more a case of, Spurs matters, England doesn't. No so much club or country, but just club.