FIFA spank dirty Chelsea hard


FIFA haved banned Chelsea from transfer deals until 1.1.2011. Advantage Spurs. We might be able to take back Frank Arnesen on loan until next year. Give him something to do. Bogs in the Park Lane lower are an atrocious mess and we could also do with someone keeping the cubicles cleared of cigarette smoke at half-time.

Now if only Daniel Levy had pushed ahead with his threats and officially complained to the FA about Liverpool and Man Utd rather than accept a couple of donations to the Tottenham Foundation along with inflated transfer fees. That Levy, the defeatist git. Having said that, we made a ton of money from both (Keane & Berbatov) deals and spent some of it on Wilson Palacios. That Levy, the defeatist cleverist git.

To be fair, we should all be a little concerned. Looks like Platini is on the warpath with his racialisticish assault on all things English. Still it's Chelsea, so who cares?

In all fairness to FIFA (and Lens), it's a bit more than just the plain old bog standard traditional tapping up. Sounds like they got this lad to walk out of his club so they can sign him. Allegedly of course. Although FIFA seem to accept that as fact. Talking of FIFA, expect them to reduce the length of the ban when Chelsea appeal. The irony of them waiting until AFTER the transfer window closed to announce this speaks volumes for their lack of testicular fortitude. Or perhaps they waited until it closed to make sure the punishment hurt them more over the course of the next year. Sinister. Platini, back over to you.

Lovely story for a slow-news day this, no?

Carry on.