“four-keane-hell for Burnley” - quote of the week

Has this been discussed much on other forums?

Gary Linker is at the centre of a storm for the most ridiculous of reasons after Saturday’s Match of the day show. He ended highlights of Spurs beating Burnley 5-0 by saying “four-keane-hell for Burnley”. The Beeb edited the comment from Sunday’s re-run and fans were quick to complain with one online commenter saying “Poor stuff, he’s a real prat these days. Shall we all complain to the Beeb?”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “As it was transmitted close to midnight it was decided there was little risk of offending.”

Lineker is also in hot water with Liverpudlians because as Fernando Torres walked away with the match ball after his hatrick against Hull, Lineker said “I hope he keeps it somewhere safe”. This was seen as a reference to burglaries on Merseyside and particularly those involving Liverpool players on match days.


Caught both his remarks, and I do admit laughing out loud at his oh so subtle but obvious Torres one. The Keane effort was out-standing and had me hitting the rewind on Sky+ to make sure I heard it right. Anyone who complained should be re-directed to my girth, to which they can choke on.

I'd like to lodge a formal complaint about how dismissive Hansen was of Tottenham's display, almost jealous that Spurs had won 5-0, taking a little bit off the shine off Liverpool's 6-1 - with Keane notching 4 compared to the 3 from Torres. How dare we grab a share of the headlines.

I'm not alone in noticing his smirk arrogant grin aimed at Lineker who was happy with Spurs mauling Burnley. It was almost like Hansen was telling him to get back in his box, because it was only Burnley. You know, Burnley, who according to Hansen defended worst much worst....hundreds of times worst than Hull did.

Is it too difficult to just say both Hull and Burnley were both as bad as each other with their lack of defensive organisation? And that Spurs and Liverpool were efficient, confident and clinical?

When we win, its because the other team are shite. Not enough about how professional we were. We lose, and its a massive massive victory for the opposition who tore us to shreds.

The conspiracy and on-going anti-Spurs agenda continues. We lose - we're shit. The teams that beat us - are worthy champions. Figure that one out.

Ah, I'm only jesting. Seriously though, the people who phoned the BBC to complain. You dizzy motherf*ckers. As for Gary, don't let them gag you mate. Your love of Spurs in this Sky Sports dominated world warms me in the coldest of winter nights.