Congrats to Harry...good work fella

36 league games. 18 wins. 7 draws. 11 defeats. Scored 52. Conceded 43. 1.69 points per game average.

14 cup games. 8 wins. 3 draws. 3 defeats. Scored 34. Conceded 17. 73% won.


Congratulations to Harry Redknapp and reaching 50 games as Spurs guv.

We play with balance and structure. With intent and style. Players playing for each other. Players playing in their strongest positions. There's some guile in there along with plenty of pride and passion. And when we lack these virtues, we bunk up with lady-luck. We are professional when faced with lesser opposition (was that another 5-1 victory last night?) and regardless of the disappointment of the last two league games, there's no doubt we will look to make amends with Burnley visiting the Lane on Saturday.

Harry has made us consistent. More focused. Still plenty of work to be had. We have injury issues at CB. Another CM is required. Set-pieces need improving. There are players that may or may not be here cometh the end of the next transfer window. As much as we need to develop a siege mentality to get us through games against the Sky Sports elite clubs, it wont happen over night. We just have to keep working at it.

Losing to both Utd and Chelsea might hurt, but one step at a time. If we beat everyone other than those two we'd do just fine. Points won against Top 4 clubs has never amounted to much in our overall tally. Not dropping points away and at home against bottom 10 clubs is the foundation to build on. Nothing insightful here. Just the plain obvious. And that's where Harry has worked so well. Unlike his predecessor who made a mess of selection and tactics. And ex-legends who tried to play a brand of football that the players were not capable of. Harry and his 'run around a lot and kick it in the net' philosophy. Who'd have thought, hey?

Beating Arsenal and Man City however is something I'd love to see us work towards.

Roll on. More of the same please.


Sol Campbell. I've read some pretty ridiculous things in the past day, posted by Spurs fans trying to justify to themselves how re-signing him would actually work regardless of the 'history'. Granted these remarks were made on message boards. And there's no reason to even entertain them. But I'll do so anyway. As a general FAO to any simpleton who still harbours some demented perverted desire to see this Benedict Arnold don our colours again.

Reasons for an ear-bleeding inducing unequivocal 'no'?

Firstly, he lied and left us for them lot on a free and followed it up by genuinely believing he did nothing wrong and believed the abuse aimed at him on his first return to the club had racial connotations and nothing to do with anything else.
Secondly, he's quite obviously not quite right in his head if he's signing for a club then quitting a game later. It's a trend.
Thirdly, he's not as good as people assume he is, much like the obsession many have with Patrick Vieira. Just because you performed well in the past doesn't mean you still can today.
And finally, only the first reason above is of any worthy consequence in a discussion about whether we'd take him back. It's not even a discussion, it’s a dismissal and slap across the back of the head for person suggesting it.

Only a very small minority are whispering their opinion on what would be their theoretical approval of welcoming back 'Mr Tottenham Hotspur'. The reality is altogether different. Harry knows he'd ruin what he has with us if he attempted to bring him back. Levy wouldn't even consider it. But the greatest fail-safe is that the player himself is probably telling people he'd never return to Spurs because of the way the fans have treated him since he's left.

I'd rather we sell Modric to Utd for £2M and re-sign Gary Doherty and play him in central midfield as our playmaker.