Is the wrong way the right way?

For arguments sake (we all know it's fantasy) let's say someone outside the current Top 4 manages to gatecrash one of the CL positions, sneaking in and remaining there not just for a single cameo season but for several years. Cementing their place as one of the Sky Sports favourites.

Obviously, with this new-founded success comes various welcoming bonus additions courtesy of eager to please referees, the suddenly soft-hearted FA and the usual drivel from the media that aids their stature further.

Let's say it happened to us (stop laughing).

Do we start to embrace a team of c*nts, justifying every obvious cringe-making cheat ethic as something that's a necessity? You need to be arrogant and you need to be hypocritical. Add to the mix thousands of glory hunters joining the ranks doing their utmost to prove they are loyal fans and have been since the beginning of time by wearing various assortments of club merchandise including three scarfs and a tracksuit, preferring to savour the moment via snapshot on their mobile than share true emotion that comes with a goal celebration.

I'm wondering, is there any hope of bucking the trend?

There was another stand out moment for me in the Chelsea v Spurs game, other than that penalty decision that did not go our way. It's a two-parter, with the first part starring Drogba. You might know him from various football incidents such as 'My losing battle with gravity' and 'Losing Gravity II - Gravity wins again'.

The Drog, dying on the ground, is left there while Spurs move forwards with the ball. Chelsea fans protest at their crippled brethren who is desperate for treatment meaning the good attacking position attained results with the ball kicked out of play. Keane doing the 'right thing' even though it's up to the ref to stop the game. Play resumes and Spurs do not receive the ball back. Part two sees Ledley King turn and fall to the grown in agony, pulling up knowing full well he wont be getting back up again to take part in the game. So what do Chelsea do? They continue with their attack and almost steal in with a goal.

Of course, some might point out the goal scored in the 2006 season at Highbury where two gooners crashed into each other and Spurs played on with Davids playing in Keane for 1-0. Play acting on the part of both of the Arsenal players. But a true wannabe Top 4 reaction from Spurs.

"Fuck 'em"

More of the same please in future. No point waiting to get into a CL position. Just play like you're there already.