Ricketts Update

Right mindset.

Raw tools.


Wants to play football.


The words of Rohan Ricketts.

The quest for a club big enough for his talents continues. Followers of this here blog will know I've been keeping an eye on the lad since his depature from Toronto. He's currently on trial at Leyton Orient. I'm assuming a move to the continent didn't quite pan out for him. Which is a shame because he is far more suited to the La Liga than he is to the frantic English game where muscle is more important than brains. His opinion, not mine. Seems he's opted for at least one of the advancements of the League One sides that were apparently keen on him, as stated in a Sky Sports interview a while back.

I'm hoping the Black Iniesta (as he's commonly refered to in this blog article), formerly of the MLS, will hope the O's see the untapped potential that others have dismissed. Think Freddy Adu with intent.

I'll leave you with a couple of his recent Tweets off his Twitter account that appear to be fairly relevant to his current predicament:

The last 2 months have been a real experince for myself as a pro footballer. The football industry is not in the best state it once was.


Adversity builds character and character can take you to places that money can't.. Believe that


Yep. East London.