Another mid-table finish, so says Piers

The latest from the Daily Fail. Piers Morgan has made some predictions about the Prem season ahead. Here's the one he's made about us:

11 Spurs will get off to a flying start and I’ll start getting the usual crowing cockerel texts and emails from my chortling White Hart Lane pals. Then they’ll hit a blip, Harry Redknapp will announce his pet dog could score easier than Defoe and Crouch, Robbie ‘kiss the badges’ Keane will leave for another ‘dream’ club and they’ll end up mid-table, like they always do.

Get the usual crowing cockerel text messages? Yes, very good Piers. Thing is, your Tottenham mates will be there to answer the phone and stand up and listen to your abuse, as opposed to disappearing off the face of the earth, which is what you insufferable melters do when things turn to shit.

Still, at least he admits that Arsenal do not have a squad with the physical or mental strength to seriously challenge for trophies. Depressing, is barely the word for it, he says.

Welcome back to the real world. Don't go getting knocked out of the Champions League now.