Gago and Negredo will do

I see Robben is once more rejecting us publicly to make everyone aware he’d be interested to leave Madrid for another Champions League club. But nobody cares about this regurgitated non-starter. The (hopefully) next piece of action to storm out of the WHL HQ will not concern our never-ending should we or shouldn’t we sign a left-winger conundrum. Harry wants a CM. And Harry might just get one, although I hope that Levy has already done the work in preparation ‘just in case’ the target(s) in question become available. And they’ve probably just have. And Levy has allegedly spent some time chatting with Madrid this summer, so we can only hope.

The big news that might have a desired effect is that Alonso is signing for Real Madrid. No player swaps. Which means that Liverpool (if you go with the whispers from La Liga and one or two other sources) rejected the chance of signing Argentine midfielder Gago and forward Negredo, who was heavily linked a while back with us (the rumour being that Spurs had in principle agreed a deal). The Anfield club preferring straight-up cash could be a blessing.

And with Toulouse pricing out Sissoko (they want a ridiculous amount for him having apparently rejected a £10M bid)  the player has come and said he’s content with life in France. Could be loyalty from the Sissoko to help get the best deal for his club possible or might be a the normal brick-wall.

Whether either of the two Diarra’s are available or not, Gago is obviousl surplus to requirements with Alonso signing, having been initally offered. And Negredo, possibly stalled with a move to Spurs a month or so ago, because Madrid held back to wait and see what Liverpool wanted for their midfield maestro. Which is understandable as the Spanish giant’s priority was completing their Galactico puzzle with the final piece. And now it's done, both Negredo and Gago are up for grabs. Hopefully.

In the meantime, we are continued to be linked with Klass Jan-Huntelaar. Speculation continues that the problem isn’t the price but the wage packet the player wishes to command. Negredo is my preferred choice. He offers something different to KJH who is arguably a more silky Dutch version of young Defoe. Negredo would, I guess, be a substantial upgrade on Robbie Keane.

I guess I’m adding up on my transfer calculator, 2+2, and getting 5. But reading between the lines is all we have to go on.

But I do think, as far as the long running Madrid targets are concerned, Alonso signing today may just prove to be the catalyst.

Hopefully, benefiting us.