Chimbonda gone - Was he ever 'here'?

Pascal Chimbonda has joined Blackburn Rovers for around £2M (according to the SSN ticker). Re-signed by us as cover, he hardly got a look in which does make me question the ethics of the transfer in the first place. He's a right-back than can play centre-back and at a push (a big push) can also slot into the left-back position (just not that well). And yet we hardly saw anything of him when he made his return from Sunderland.

I guess he was cover (insurance) that we didn't actually ever have to use. And we have Gareth Bale, Kyle Naughton and if need be O'Hara and Corluka (and even Bassong) to cover if need be in an emergency so he's quite obviously surplus to requirements. Even more so then when he signed for us a second time.

Some of you may even remember the rumour that did the rounds concerning how Sunderland still owed us the transfer money (or part of it) from signing Shimbo and that we then wrote it off by taking the player back for nothing. Regardless, it's proved to be a massive waste of time.

Good luck up there. Do try and turn up for Big Sam's training sessions.

Elsewhere, Osman Chávez is on trial. Honduran centre/fullback that our very own Wilson rates (and suggested we take a look at). He's 25 years old, has played for his country (20 caps) and his nicknamed 'El Tierno' (which translates as 'The Tender'). I'm guessing that's one of those ironic nicknames, much like us christening Palacios as 'The Gentle'. Might turn out to be shrewd signing this (with Kings long standing knee troubles and Woody/Dawson both on the sidelines). Of course, it's dependent on how impressive he is during the trial. Fingers crossed.

Other bit of news concerns an alleged bid for Internacional defensive midfielder Sandro Ranieri. Not heard of him? He's the U-20 Brazil captain and meant to be pretty tasty. Solid with the tackles and strong with great technique - he might be that extra bit of steel required. No idea how good his creative skills are. If true, then it looks like we've given up on Sissoko.

Under a week to go now before the window closes. Looks like we should expect 2 players at the very least to join. Possibly a 3rd if you fancy taking Pav's words concerning his want for a transfer away at face value. I'm taking it with a pinch of salt mainly because we are treated with Roman's moans every other month. Still, will he actually get a sustained run in the team to prove himself a £14M player? You can understand why he would want to leave if he's going to sit on the bench unless a key player picks up an injury. Does mean we need to look at a 'back up player' for that 4th striker place.

Any ideas?

Hold on. Need more salt.