Bentley, you smeghead

What was I saying yesterday about there always being a Spurs story just around the corner?

With thanks to David Bentley.

On the one hand he claims to have personal issues, but has the time to promote club nights and kick footballs into skips and while earning thousands per week fails miserably to resemble a £1M player let alone a £16M one. He's a fucking mess. I don't know him personally, so he might be the typical arrogant 'I'm the best since slice bread' egomaniac who thinks he can star on his name alone, which has been built on a fair few good performances and a shit load of hype. Or he might be insecure, hiding behind highlighted hair and Beckham comparisons unable to cope with the pressures that come with a 50k per week job. Oh what a life.

What exactly was he doing boozing days before the start of the season? Does he want us to dislike him even more? Not that everyone hates him, but it makes it tricky for the people who do want to support him and aid him towards reclaiming some of that form that saw him bag a move here in the first place.

May as well stick two fingers up at us and then throw a bag of piss in our faces. Where exactly is the dedication and determination to claw back into contention as a first teamer? Somewhere lost at the bottom of a bottle no doubt.

Any chance of selling him now are remote, especially as the main reason he's still with us is because nobody would match our asking price.

I don't want to hear another word from him. An apology for his football performances would have been preferable but I'll accept honest hard work on and off the pitch and no more hissy fits and apologetic crap.

He's not the first footballer to wrap his car around a lamp post. Luckily for him he didn't kill anyone or kill his career.

When you're at the very bottom, the only way is up.

Sort yourself out you melter.

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